Sandra - Finance Controller
“High (voltage) potential”SandraFinance Controller at YAZAKI
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Sandra – Finance Controller
The YAZAKI team is a perfect mixture of young and experienced professionals who share the same goals, which made it easy to become a part of it.Sandra – Finance Controller

Sandra - one of our young professionals

An insight into Sandra's day
YAZAKI Corporation, a family-owned company, was founded in 1929 as the first Japanese manufacturer of automobile wiring harness systems. Within the automotive business, our product range includes wiring harness systems, plug connection systems and electronic systems. More than 250,000 committed and highly motivated employees in 44 countries make us one of the most successful international automotive suppliers with an annual sales volume of approx. 9 billion Euros. We are looking forward to new colleagues who help us to build on this success.
Sandra – Finance Controller
Sandra – Finance Controller


Sandra, Finance Controller
  • YAZAKI: “Sandra, what is your current role?”
    Sandra: “I do a master program at the Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto, Portugal, and I have already been at YAZAKI for one year in the department of Financial Support Service. Here we take
Integration from the very beginning.
  • care for the development and controlling of financial systems, service tools management support, account receivables as well as for services and invoices.”
  • YAZAKI: “Why did you want to join YAZAKI?“
    Sandra: “My favourite part is the analysis to understand the reasons behind the figures and the relationship between everything – the process and the business.”
  • YAZAKI: “How do you see YAZAKI's future?“
    Sandra: “Well, although YAZAKI due to its role as a supplier is rather a hidden champion compared with its customers, I have known YAZAKI since my childhood. My mother already joined the company when it started in Portugal 28 years ago, and she is still working there. YAZAKI is perceived as a really solid and strong enterprise, with absolute respect for its employees. I had already completed the first year of my Masters so I started thinking about initiating my professional career. When I knew about the job opportunity, I applied.”
  • YAZAKI: “What were your first impressions at YAZAKI?“
    Sandra: “My job interview was very dynamic. I had to prepare a small presentation, which was very challenging especially due to stress management. A couple of days after the first interview, I had another one in English to challenge my language skills. I got feedback the day after already. The process was extremely quick and the conditions were well defined. On my first days at work, I had a comprehensive introduction to my new employer, and I also had the opportunity of briefly getting to know all our departments and the way we work on an integrated and cumulative basis. My team is a perfect mixture of young and experienced professionals who share the same goals, which made it easy for me to become a part of the team soon. In my spare time I play basketball and do sports and I also take part in team activities with my colleagues.”
  • YAZAKI: “You have already mentioned goals. What are your career goals?
    Sandra: ”Like I said in my first interview, I intend to achieve a professional relationship based on commitment, respect and self-motivation. These principles are crucial for a long and successful career, allowing us to gather the benefits of experience and knowledge. This enterprise has not only given me the opportunity of working in several challenging projects, but also of travelling and getting familiar with other people and cultures. Everything is possible, because YAZAKI supports you from the very beginning.”

What does a controller do?

A variety of tasks and responsibilities.

Solution development

Financial planning

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